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Butterflies attracted to this plant include:


Brazilian Skipper Calpodes ethlius


Clouded Skipper Lerema accius


Common Sootywing Pholisora catullus


Common White Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus albescens


Delaware Skipper Anatrytone logan


Dorantes Skipper Urbanus dorantes


Eufala Skipper Lerodea eufala


Fiery Skipper Hylephila phyleus


Gemmed Satyr Cyllopsis gemma


Georgia Satyr Neonympha areolata


Harvester Feniseca tarquinius


Least Skipper Ancyloxypha numitor


Little Glassywing Pompeius verna


Ocala Skipper Panoquina ocola


Palatka Skipper Euphyes palatka


Salt Marsh Skipper Panoquina panoquin


Southern Broken-Dash Wallengrenia otho


Southern Pearly Eye Enodia portlandia


Southern Skipperling Copaeodes minima


Tropical Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus oileus


Twin-Spotted Skipper Oligoria maculata


Viola's Wood Satyr Megisto viola


Whirlabout Polites vibex


Zabulon Skipper Poanes zabulon


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