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How To Find Caterpillars

Searching for butterfly caterpillars is an undeveloped art. Relatively few people have attempted this exercise, and fewer still have succeeded to any great degree. Finding caterpillars is often more difficult than finding adult butterflies. In fact, some of North America's caterpillars have never been seen in their natural habitats. Caterpillars most often rest on some part of their favored foodplant, regardless of the weather. Thus caterpillar searches are the perfect butterflying activity for inclement weather! Search stands of suspected caterpillar foodplants for caterpillars hiding under leaves or in leaf nests. Your eyes will need to be fine-tuned to caterpillar activities, many of which are disguises and strategies they use to conceal themselves. The most difficult caterpillars to find are those that mimic the substrate upon which they rest. Most of the time they rest quietly, preferring to move only while feeding or when they are ready to find a pupation


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