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Watching Butterflies in Florida

Butterfly Watching - part 1

People are rapidly discovering the joy of butterfly gardening and watching. Both are simple, fun and rewarding ways to explore the natural world and bring the beauty of nature closer. Few other forms of wildlife are more attractive or as easily observed as butterflies. Butterflies occur just about everywhere. They can be found from suburban gardens and urban parks to rural meadows and remote natural areas. Regardless of where you may live, there are a variety of butterflies to be seen. Butterflies of Florida Field Guide is for those who wish to identify and learn more about common butterflies of Florida. There are more than 725 species of butterflies found in North America north of Mexico. While the majority of these are regular breeding residents, others show up from time to time as rare tropical strays. In Florida, over 180 different butterflies have been recorded. Within that mix, some 40 are considered either unique to the state or occur mostly within its boundaries. Although such numbers pale in comparison to many tropical countries, the state boasts a rich and diverse butterfly fauna.


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